ReFashion Show Advisors

Thank you to our advisors who volunteered to make our ReFashion Show possible!

Watch our ReFashion Show live at 7pm on Friday, March 1st.
Six stylists collaborated with donateNYC partner thrift stores to create competing fashion looks that will be critiqued by high-profile judges!


Lauren Fay
Founder, The New Fashion Initiative

Lauren Fay is a fashion consultant who specializes in sustainability and circularity for advanced contemporary and luxury brands. She helps her clients develop sustainable initiatives, strategic planning, improve supply chain transparency, and works to highlight these changes and improvements through PR & marketing.

In addition to this work, in 2018, she volunteered to establish Fashion Revolution in the US, creating a US team of over 40 volunteers nationally.  The organization she built hosted over 100 produced events, created multiple creative marketing campaigns and activations with some of the world’s most recognized brands. These efforts resulted in over 5,000 people attending educational events, a growth of over 1000% for their social media and an established platform for future collaborations.

Now she has now formed her own non-profit, The New Fashion Initiative, with the goal of increasing the accountability in corporate stakeholders in the industry, as well as shifting the national conscience even more through multimedia art projects,

She has over 15 years of experience in business development, branding, marketing, luxury brand consulting, magazine publishing, event production, digital media and social media strategy. Lauren has traveled to over 25 countries, and she speaks English, Spanish and French.


Sonia Park
Assistant Vice President, Creative and Applied Tech Industry Innovation Team, NYC Economic Development Corporation


Sonia Park works at the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) where she leads the City's fashion programming as Assistant Vice President on the Industry Innovation Team.  NYCEDC supports fashion through education, technology and real estate development programming. 

Prior to coming to NYCEDC, Sonia worked in the fashion industry for 18 years focusing on product development, production and supply chain operations. Her experience in larger corporations like Polo Jeans Co., Liz Claiborne, and Cole Haan provided a great foundation for working with smaller companies where she was responsible for strategizing, building the right relationships, as well as setting up supply chain channels.


Natalia Martinez Sagan
@martinezsagan |

Natalia Martinez Sagan is an Argentinean interdisciplinary artist based in New York City, specializing in sustainability. With over a decade of professional experience as a designer and maker, stylist, art director, and educator, and over 20 years of active engagement as an environmental activist, Natalia is dedicated to raising awareness about sustainable living through creative practices. 

She is also a Climate Reality Leader, trained by former US Vice President and Nobel Prize Laureate, Al Gore, and Ambassador for Make Smthng, and a team member of Fashion Revolution USA.